Solving The Global Water Crisis in 7 Minutes | Hamza Farrukh | TEDxNorthAdams

Forbes 30under30 Entrepreneur, Hamza Farrukh, and his team at Bondh E Shams (The Solar Water Project) have developed a cost-effective and transportable solution for the global water crisis.

Their innovation, the OASIS BOX (Off-Grid Aqua Solar Integration System) provides 25 years of safe water to 2,000 people in just $10,000.

Each liter of water is 3,000 times less expensive than bottled water and is delivered free of cost to vulnerable communities; Bondh E Shams have begun work in Pakistan, Bangladesh & South Sudan and want to reach every single one of the 1.2bn people without safe water. Could this be the most scalable tool in our fight against the global water crisis?
 Founder, Bondh-E-Shams This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.