Scientist love soil Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail, D.Sc., is a managing director of the Eco science research foundation, a non-profit organization, in Chennai. He was the Head of the department of Zoology and later the department of biotechnology inNew college, Chennai. He has done extensive work(both Research and Applied ) on ecology and environment, earthworms, and organic inputs since 1978. He has been associated with several farmers and self-help groups promoting the concepts of ecology, sustainability, organic concepts, waste management, waste water treatment etc. He was awarded the “CASTME” award for 1994-95 in the UK, “The Arignaranna Award” by the department of environment of the government of the Tamilnadu for 2005 and “The award of Excellence” presented by His Excellency governor of Jharkhand in Dec 2010. He was recognized as oneamong the “Top 10” people of Tamilnadu for 2013 by Ananthavikatan.He has travel widely in India and abroad, with rich expertise in environmental issues. His book “The Earth Worm Book“ is popular among both academics.His coordinated work “simple tasks great concepts” is a boon to science teachers and students with 100 life science experiments which any child can perform without a laboratory. His earthworm book has been translated in Tamil as well as in Chinese. He has published more than 67 papers in National and International journals and guided 32+ M.Phil students and 17+ Ph.D students.