How To Turn Thin Air Into Water | Konstantin Avdienko | TEDxTeen

Because no one should be without water. And no one has to. A simple solution to a complex problem. TEDxTeen opening music by BlackDoe Konstantin's name comes from a Latin word for "standfast". He is a mechanical engineering and computer science double major at the University of San Diego, interested in sustainable technology. He has started a recycling movement in his native country of Russia, which became the largest electronics-recycling center in Moscow. Upon moving to California, he became interested in solving the problem of water drought. Konstantin invented a device that could solve the pressing issue of the scarcity of pure water. After success building a working prototype, he is working on implementing an entire system of sustainable and renewable water supply systems. As Vice President of an Engineers Without Borders chapter, he often travels to third world countries to work on engineering projects that benefit people living there.